Angie  Ortega

Written by CBS Lifestylist Staff
May 28, 2011

A wandering traveler, foodie at heart, music aficionado, and art appreciator, I am a true lover of life and all things beautiful. Such things in life inspire me to write and share my experiences with others. Over the past couple of years I was introduced to and became quite familiar with the Events Industry by coming to work for a company that provides social music for all kinds of events ranging from corporate to private to philanthropic. In being exposed to such incredible, unique celebrations, it was clear to me that writing about events would be a natural fit, as it is within these special occasions that culture, fashion, food, music, travel, and many other beautiful elements come together; all the things I love. I am thrilled and honored to be a contributor to the fabulous Catherine Bachelier Smith's new site, and look forward to writing and sharing many articles to come!

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