New Beginnings In Wardrobe And Fashion

Written by Melanie Lipsie
May 09, 2012

CBS and Louise working out wardrobe

Catherine was profiled in the April 12th issue of The Del Mar Times.  The article discusses her wardrobe styling business and the methods she utilizes in working with her clients and their closets.

As her styling business increasingly grows, I decided to interview one of Catherine’s loyal customers, Louise, to see what exactly she, and perhaps other like-minded clients, are seeking when hiring a personal stylist.

1.  How did you find out about Catherine’s styling services?

I found Catherine through a mutual friend who had just hired Catherine to update her closet.  She was very happy with the results.

2.  What were your goals when hiring Catherine as a wardrobe consultant?

I actually needed help in downsizing my closets.  Since I'm a "pack rat" and have serious difficulties parting with clothes I needed a new set of eyes to evaluate and help me choose what to keep and what to get rid of. After SEVERAL hours of trying on clothes we were able to identify the "keep", "go" and the "maybe" piles. To my surprise the "go" pile was not that big; it gave me confidence in my sense of style!

3.  How has Catherine helped you with your fashion sense?  Have you changed the way you shop and/or put together your clothing?

My fashion sense has been enhanced.  It is easier to put my outfits together and I think outside the box style-wise; I’ve realized you CAN mix and match patterns!  I’ve come to love solid-colored tops matched with a scarf.  These small details and subtle changes make a big difference for me in how I present myself.

I now view my wardrobe with a different style ‘eye’, which has resulted in many new outfit variations utilizing my existing clothing. I have a totally new way of looking at my wardrobe!

Also, I love shopping for unique items.  With Catherine's help my new purchases are more directed to fit with my wardrobe at home.  She also inhibits the purchasing of items that I already own thus preventing duplication.

4.  What styling education or insider tips have you gained from your style sessions?

Catherine gave me an excellent tip in how to create a noteworthy outfit: utilize pattern, texture, shine and color.  These four elements, when combined, create an attractive ensemble that is appealing to the eye.

I’ve also learned to not forget accessories.  And most importantly, be yourself in what you wear! 

5.  What, specifically, does Catherine do for you in terms of styling? Travel packing? Creating looks from your own wardrobe? Closet organization?

Catherine and I have been working together for 2 years now. Initially she helped me with organizing my four closets. A feat for sure!

She then focused her attention on my wardrobe teaching me how to pair items, or accessorize a look, in ways I had never imagined. She amazed me with the endless amounts of outfits she created. 

Now my lifestyle includes lots of travels around the world.  I’m a fastidious packer and only bring carry on luggage when traveling no matter the duration or destination of my trip. Catherine helps me define what to pack according to location, itinerary and events while away.

This portion of Catherine’s styling business is such an immense help to me.  I think there are others out there that would benefit greatly using this part of her wardrobe service.

Catherine always photographs the outfits she styles and puts it into a personal look book for me.  Whenever I need a reminder of what to wear, or just need inspiration, I review the information.

6.  What are the effects you’ve noticed after Catherine’s services have been provided? 

There are several benefits stemming from our style sessions: 

  • I feel I never wear the same outfit twice thanks to the magic of accessories.
  • I have an updated wardrobe due to my new habit of mixing vintage clothes with new purchases.
  • I always look appropriate in every circumstance whether casual or formal, and most especially, during my travels.
  • I get compliments on my outfits everywhere I go!
  • I feel a tremendous reduction of stress level prior to departure on my trips.
  • My husband looks at me with pride as I accompany him around the world for his travels-this means so much to me!

Through this process, I not only feel better about how I look, but most importantly, I feel I made a friend forever in Catherine!

Merci mon amie.