Written by CBS Lifestylist Staff
May 26, 2011

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Undoubtedly, Catherine is a woman we can all benefit from having in our lives, 'we' meaning every man, woman and child. This is a grandiose statement but one that is backed by friends, family, clients, colleagues and acquaintances. A genuine true force of nature, Catherine's being inspires those around her to reevaluate themselves in a positive way. The confidence she imbues in herself, in those around her, and in living a fulfilled life is a magnetic quality that is treasured among those who know her.

"How can I apply my various life passions into one career? How can I do everything that I love?" These questions plagued Catherine because most of the responses she received from those in her inner circle were, "Focus on one thing and be great at it."

While this statement may work for many, the opposite was true for Catherine. Of course she would continue her passion of producing weddings, but she would also pursue the interests that kept her mind moving. She would mold her career path to encompass wedding planning, fashion and family--the fundamental elements that make Catherine Catherine.

With her strong-willed confidence and drive to overcome obstacles, Catherine is seeing CBS Lifestylist come to fruition. Combining her creativity and excellent social skills, Catherine has incorporated her main interests into a career that most would deem unrelated and impossible to do. She has broken the mold in pursuing 'one great thing' and is creating a career for herself that is helping others, while also enriching her own life.

Hailing originally from Nogales, Arizona, a small town on the border of Mexico and the United States, Catherine now resides in sunny beachside San Diego, California. She is one of nine children and a triplet girl. Planning parties, weddings, and the styling of her sisters' wardrobes dates back to her teenaged years. She is a mother of two sweet, gentle and amazing sons, Lucas, 12, and Max, 9. "Motherhood," she says, "teaches true selflessness and how to prioritize life."

Catherine has been planning weddings for 12 years and styling clients for 5 years. She spent the past 2 years writing her book,The Work Of A Real Relationship Begins (With Myself), with a 2013 launch date. In 2010, she was certified in a parenting course called "Redirecting Children's Behavior."